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Posted by:CLARY
9/15/2017 9:49:40 AM
Darren Clary suffered a severe break to his arm which required surgery.
Posted by:TARBET
9/15/2017 9:49:21 AM
Mike Tarbet’s father, Jim Tarbet, suffered multiple strokes last weekend and is hospitalized in DFW.
Posted by:SPOHN
9/15/2017 9:48:57 AM
Terry Spohn is in the hospital with cellulitis.
S&W ST #574.
Posted by:HOLDER
8/18/2017 11:20:20 AM
Adeline Holder
Posted by:BOCK
6/30/2017 1:09:14 PM
Al Bock
Posted by:JETER
5/12/2017 10:06:43 AM
Jacki Jeter
Posted by:WHITE
1/27/2017 9:30:24 AM
Joy White
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