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"Teaching others to teach others"

That's the misson for the Biblical Institute of Central America (II Tim 2:2).  Our students are dedicated to the great confession and the great commission of our Lord and Savior.

Our graduates become self-supported preachers and teachers in their own culture.  If a graduate needs a vocation, the school makes training available to him.

If you're seeking spiritual motivation and inspiration, please take the time to read their stories.  Jesus said faith can move mountains.  We believe it!  It's happening right now in Central America.   

See More information at Biblical Institute of Central America

In 2008 Northside went together with McDermott Road Church of Chirst (Plano, TX) to be the supporting congregations in the planting of a Bible institute in Nicaragua.  We feel strongly that this is a great mission effort to train students to be preachers and teachers in their own land.

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring an individual student through one or two years of training contact our church office.


Haiti Missionaries Summary
The greatest need for the church in Haiti is not necessarily to build more churches, but to have some mature leadership that will help build up the church. Most of the churches in Haiti have no local eldership.

90% of the church in Haiti is women and children, probably about 10% are adult males.

We currently support three missionaries full time in Haiti.  Each of the following page gives a summary of some of their work.

Dageoon Romain's Ministry Page

Jocelyn Mompremier's Ministry Page

Bello Calice's Ministry Page

Haiti Center for Biblical Training page- This is a link to the Center for Biblical training. The preachers we support have gone through this program in their preaching training. It is updated with student information and local events by the school's director David Dirrim.

Following are links to the place and culture of Haiti that you can research further the world in which many of our missionaries live:

CIA information page on Haiti- Includes information on the people, geography, economy, communications, and transportation in Haiti.

Haiti Travel and Tourism Site - Contains news, travel and tourism information, governement information, and also link to the larger cities in Haiti.

Haiti Link page- Contains links on arts and humanities, the economy, politics, health, history, news, and radio and television-very extensive. 

Children's Home

Northside takes the challenge of James 1:27 to heart as we support local children's homes with monthly support as well as in special projects such as raising money through coin banks, Cherokee day, food drives, as well as other special projects.

The three homes we support on a monthly basis are Sunny Glen Children's Home, Manuelito Children's Home and Cherokee Home for Children.Click on either of the links to find facts, pictures, and much other information on these two homes.

This summer we are going on a mission trip to Arms of Hope in Medina, Texas.


Love of Christ 

The love of Christ ministry which is overseen by Western Hills Church of Christ with help from congregations as needed.  The Vine and Belton Church of Christ also support this ministry as well as a number of individual contributors.  LOC is a food and clothing pantry which clothes and feeds thousands of people each year throughout Bell County.

Volunteers are needed on Wednesday mornings to help bag food from 8-approximately 10 A.M. and to pass out food and clothing on Thursday mornings from 8:30 A.M.-Noon.  Volunteers are welcome to work and serve at any time of the year.  Volunteers are also needed throughout the year at different times to help serve in local food drives which benefit the LOC.

If you would like to learn more about this ministry see Gary Priddy.


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