Northside Church of Christ, Temple Tx.

“Small Groups” meet once a month, on the 4th Sunday, in place of an evening service.  There are 8 different groups, one of which always meets at the building at 5p.m.  The other groups meet at various times throughout the day, some meeting immediately after morning worship. Meeting time and placef or each group are announced each month through the bulletin and website. Most of the time groups meet in homes but sometimes a group will choose an alternate location, such as a park or the meeting room at a restaurant. A meal or a snack is often included in the meeting. Each group makes their own decisions as to place, time and food.
A Bible study outline is provided to the group leaders for a discussion guide and most often the lesson is taken from the material presented in the Sunday morning sermon.

Current Small Groups are:
Charlie and Ronda Lewis/Troy and Marcia Beeksma            
Danny and Marie Clark/Doug and Ami McDonald                        
Ray and Barbie Davis/ Leonard and Pam Pate                           
Darin and Stephanie McDonald/ Darrell and Nancy Knight
Charlie Harrell/ Phillip Brown
Dan Coates Jr.
Robbie & Cristina Daniel/David & Lacie Martin:Young Families

Daniel and Tonita Stovall: College Age


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