Northside Church of Christ, Temple Tx.
Free Membership App for “smart” Devices and PC
Northside employs the use of a very user-friendly online membership directory.  If you have not yet uploaded this app to your smart devices or viewed it online, we encourage you to do so.  Users of this app are able to access member’s contact information, birthdates/anniversaries, and photographs easily and anywhere.  We currently have search queries set up to see pictures of our newest members, college students, elders, & deacons.
Q:  Who can use the app? 
A:  Only those members who have an email address associated with our membership.  Members without email addresses will be listed in the directory, but to be able to view our directory listings on your phone/tablet/pc, you will be required to have an email on file with the office.  This requirement is in place so that you can be assured that persons outside the Northside membership will not be able to view your contact information or photograph.
Q:  How do I get the APP?
A:  For smart devices, go to the app store on your device and search “Instant Church Directory”.   After uploading the app, you will be instructed to enter your email address.  A password will be sent to your email address.  After receiving your password, you will be able to complete the registration, and view the app on your device.  For PC, go to  Go to “church member sign in” and create an account.
Q: My information is incorrect/I don’t like the picture associated with my name.
A:  No Problem!  Let one of the office staff know during a non-service time, and they can update the information easily.  If the picture we used is not the one you prefer, simply email or text us a different one.  We can even take a new photo with our own smart phones on the spot.
Q:   I would like to view the pictures of one of your specified search queries or search for a particular member.
A:   There is a “search” box in the app.  Simply type “new member”, “college student”, “graduate” or a portion of the member’s first or last name, and entries matching that description will be made available to you.

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