Mary Martha Ministry

The Ladies Ministry is organized to promote spiritual growth and Christian fellowship through special activities and service.
Mary and Martha was the title chosen by this group at its beginning to be indicative of the service they intend to accomplish.


There are many different areas of service you can choose to help with within the Mary Martha Ministry. 

Quarterly Devotionals

Organizing a time and place to get together for fellowship and prayers (Ex. ornament exchange, eating together at restaurant or park, preparing a short devo, etc.).

Secret Sisters

Facilitating the process of secret sisters. Secret sisters: women of the congregation fill out a sheet with personal Information – birthday, anniversary, favorite candy, color etc. Then we draw names and get a sister to pray for and about once a month send a card or leave a candy or small gift. This is not about material things but a way to show love to each other. We will reveal and redraw names semi-annually.

Christmas Baskets for the Elderly

Gathering and making items for Christmas gift baskets and delivering them to the elderly in our church.

Children’s Homes

Contacting homes to see the needs and collect items to take to the kids (ex. school supplies, Christmas trees in our lobby with gift tags, birthday gifts, special events, etc.).

Shut-ins Quarterly Seasonal Gift Bags

Shut ins: those that can’t or rarely able to get out anymore. Making and collecting items for gift bags and delivering them and visiting with shut-ins. 

Sick and Rehab

Keeping up with who is in need. Getting boxes made up ahead of time to be ready to take to the sick. Finding people to deliver the boxes.

Food Ministry

Setting up a time with the ladies and getting the food to make compassion casseroles for the freezer. Also setting up Food Trains for new moms and those recovering from surgery.


Sitting at the hospital when needed – sometimes overnight. Baby sitters. Respite care sitters – for those who need a few hours away from care giving

Funeral Meals

Shopping for food and setting up for the meal, serving the meal and cleaning up afterwards. Getting others to sign up and bring sides, desserts and bread. (The church provides the meat)

Baby and Wedding Showers

Making sure those who are getting married or having a baby get a shower. Finding people who know them or would like to set up and give the shower.

Busy Bags

Busy Bags: bags with toys for the young children of the church to play with during the worship service and keep them busy

Helping update the bags with new toys periodically.

Other ways to serve

Making cookies

Baking mini loaves

Sewing or quilting small lap blankets or shawls

Sewing small baby car throws

Sewing soft pillow cases

Embroidering the pillow cases or blankets

Monetary donations


If you would like to serve by donating money for any or all of these areas of ministry:

You can do so by writing a check to the church and writing “Mary Martha Ministry” in the memo line.

You can also donate online here on our website by clicking GIVE. Please fill in the memo box with where you would like the gift to be allocated.


Please don't forget to click and view the exact location by clicking on the View on Map button.



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